31DC2020 – 27 Inspired By Art

Kunst vind ik lastig. Ik ben heel kieskeurig in wat voor kunst ik leuk vind, en ik wil eigenlijk elk jaar wel een nieuwe kunstenaar voor dit thema kiezen.

Art is a tricky topic for me, because I’m very picky. For example, I don’t like any of Picasso’s paintings. I did my research, not a single one. There are a couple I like by van Gogh, but not all. I’m not sure there’s any painter I’d like everything of. I do try to get inspired by a different painter every year for this challenge. So far I’ve done Kandinsky, Munch, Van Gogh, Klimt, Monet and a modern painter like Messy Ever After too. So this year I thought I’d venture more in the realms of female painters.

So I came across this Swedish painter called Hilma Af Klint. She lived from 1862 – 1944 and she made these enormous colourful paintings with all sorts of shapes and lines on it.

Ik kwam de Zweede kunstenares Hilma Af Klint tegen. Ze leefde van 1862 – 1944 en ze maakte enorme panelen vol kleuren en vormen en lijntjes.


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    Looks super cool 😀

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