Late Easter – Kraslice

I love being half Czech and part of that for me is staying in touch with traditions. Ever since I was little, we had branches with easter eggs as decor in our living room. Some years we decorated eggs ourself, and other years it was just loving the ones we had. The most prized ones are the typical Czech ones: Kraslice. Czech for easter egg.

They are made with wax and dye. By applying wax onto the egg, you protect certain area’s on the egg from the dye. So you start off with the parts you want to keep white and apply wax. Then you dye the egg orange and apply wax to the parts you want to stay orange. The same goes with red and after the black dye you can melt off the wax and you have a beautiful egg.

It’s not the first time I made nail art like this. In 2016 I made these nails:

And last year I made these nails. So maybe it’s time I made this an annual thing.


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    Looks great 😀

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