Double Trouble

I’ve done double gradients in all sorts of ways, but I’ve never done a double watermarble before. I was once again inspired by Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures. She did a white flakie base with a white watermarble on top with white and clear polish, so you’d see the flakies peeking through. Because you can’t marble with flakies. But you don’t need the flakies. You can do that on top of another marble. So here’s my go. I started with a marble with

Hema 30 Cotton Candy
Essence Cosy Rosy
NYC Melon Milkshake

and then just Essence Wild White Ways and Absolute Pure to make the marble on top. The marble pattern is a bit hard to see, but here’s a picture after the marble was done and I still had my liquid latex on. It’s a sort of orchid pattern. Or maybe a star pattern.

And I needed to mattify it. I’ve been bad at taking pictures of it. But this had to be mattified.


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    Looks amazing 😀

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