China Glaze – Make A Spectacle
China Glaze – Blue Year’s Eve
China Glaze – Water You Waiting For
Essie – A Crewed Interest
Essie – First Timer
Essie – In The Cab-ana
Essie – Aruba Blue
Zoya – Sooki
Zoya – Mimi
Zoya – Pixie Dust – Liberty
Zoya – Pixie Dust – Miranda
OPI – Eurso Euro
Revlon – Cotton Candy
Nubar – Reclaim
A-England – Lady of the Lake
A-England – Order of the Garter
A-England – Princess Tears
A-England – Ascalon
Orly – Prelude to a Kiss
Orly – Faint of Heart
Orly – Miss Conduct
Orly – High on Hope (lichte versie)
Color Club – Ho-Ho-Holly
Color Club – Gift of Sparkle
Color Club – Foil Me Once
Color Club – Hot Like Lava
Color Club – Holo Hues
Milani Totally Cool
Make Up Store – Linda
Hits No Olimpo  – Atena
Hits No Olimpo  – Dionisio
Hits No Olimpo  – Hera
Hits No Olimpo  – Hestia
Sally Hansen – Razzle Dazzler
Sally Hansen – Be-jeweled
Sally Hansen – Lady Luck

FLUG – Futuristica
FLUG – Fantastica
Pretty & Polished – The math collection
Lime Crime nagellakken
Illamasqua Mottle
Illamasqua Scarce
Illamasqua Fragile
Cirque Fascination Street
Cirque XX
Cirque Tibetan Nights
Cirque Galinda
Cirque Cypress
Cirque Lonesome George
Icing – Scrumptious, Mint Choco Chip, Choco Chip

Make up


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