Iseult Princess Sabra Tristam
Dragon St. George Avalon
She Walks Beauty Rosebower Briar Rose


Aztec Pink Spice

Art de Lautrec

434 435


Meadow Bright Amethyst Awe Deep Azure

Barry M

165 Burdundy 272 Shocking Pink 518 Peach Melba
Copper Kingsland Road Ridley Road
Station Road Atlantic Road Greenberry
Papaya Lychee Dragon
Prickly Pear Watermelon


106 Pink Orchid Fliederzauber


152 Nude 209 Unicorn Pee


So Laque: 43 Magenta Show 10 days Rose Pastel Tendre
Abricot Ouaté Rosé Merveille Python Topcoat
Perle Illusion Mauve Futuristic

Big City Nails

Big City Red Big City Concrete


Poison Me, Poison You I Scream Peach! Lost in Mud
Apropos Abricot Biscuits and Cupcakes Bird of Paradise
Welcome to the Undergrowth King Of Greens Salmon and Garfunkle
Genius in a Bottle Heavy Metallilac Browno Mars
Welcome to Roosywood ¿Holo Qué Tal?! Million Styles Godfather of Pearl Million Styles
Miss Money Penny Million Styles Return of Space Cowboy Million Styles Hi, Society Cruise Couture
Steel My Heart George Blueney Captain Sparrows Boat
Nautica Gold Leaf Topcoat Sold Out Forever
Oh My Goldness Steel My Soul Blue Cara Ciao
Dirty Berry Neo Geisha – Planet Tokyo Vanilla Love
I Scream: Ice Cream! Play It Blue Bring Me Peach
Miami pINK Earnie & Birdy Purple Reign
Mint Me Up Petrolpolitan In The Armee Glow
Fuchsiarama Papa Don’t Peach Nickel Minaj
Dirty Liana Mermaid My Day Kitch Me If You Can



China Glaze

White Cap Pelican Grey Sea Spray
Below Deck Sunset Sail Knotty
Go Go Pink Peachy Keen Lemon Fizz
Designer Satin Crushed Candy Make An Entrance
Full Spectrum Heart Of Africa Thunderbird
Senorita Bonita Papaya Punch IV
Virtual Violet Great Barrier Beige Electropop: Dance Baby
Electropop: Gaga for Green Hunger Games – Fast Track Hunger Games – Harvest Moon
Hunger Games – Agro TMI Material Girl
Up All Night Free Love Heng-Ten Toes
Under The Boardwalk In Awe Of Amber Lorelei’s Tiara
Love Marilyn Mom’s Chiffon Electra Magenta
Strawberry Fields Running In Circles It’s A Trap-eze!
Sweet Hook Grape Pop Red Satin
Winter Holly Champagne Kisses Sunshine Pop
Kinetic Candy Hologlam: Infra Red Hologlam: Get Outta My Space
Hologlam: When Stars Collide Hologlam: Astro-Hot Hologlam: Take a Trek
Hologlam: Don’t Be A Luna-Tic Hologlam: Strap On Your Moonboots Hologlam: Sci-Fly By
Hologlam: Not In This Galaxy Hologlam: OMG A UFO Hologlam: Cosmic Dust
Hologlam: Galactic Gray Avant Garden: Dandy Lyin’ Around Avant Garden: Keep Calm, Paint On
Avant Garden: Fade Into Hue Avant Garden: Tart-Y For The Party I’m Not Lion
With Love Pizzazz Cranberry Splash
Ray-diant Optical Illusion
Blonde Bombshell Marry A Millionaire Techno Teal
Gamer Glam Sci Fly By


Sugared Almonds Fun Fair Fade to Greige
Twilight Wait Until Dark LA Confidential
Cutie Pie Apples and Custard Cabaret


Excited/Bored Awesome/Silly Happy/Earthly

Collection 2000


CK (Calvin Klein)

Electric Blue

Color Club

Port-Folio Nouveau Vintage Alias
Halo Hues – Eternal Beauty Halo Hues – Kismet Halo Hues – Over The Moon
Halo Hue – Miss Bliss Halo Hue – Cosmic Fate I Am Not A Plastic Bottle
Kumba Ya Ya Ya

Dashing Diva

No More Alimony

Diamond Cosmetics

18k Gold Party Hearty Urban Legend
Danger Zone Too Monarch Masquerade Smokey Rose
Blackberry Under The Willow Tree Don’t Teal My Heart Away


Sundancer Trendsetter Walk Of Fame
Makes Me Weak Nude It Plum Perfect
C’est La Vie Dress For A Moment Think Pink
Got A Secret Viva La Green Sweet As Candy
Icy Princess Glamorous Life Make It Golden
Iced Strawberry Cream Hazelnut Cream Pie Toffee To Go
Night In Vegas You’re My Dragonfly, Sugar Miami P’ink
Go Bold Cookie Love Grey’t To Be Here
Chic Reloaded Space Queen Party Princess
Glorious Aquarius Edwards Love Alice Had A Vision – Again
Jacobs Protection A Piece Of Forever Shopping @ Portobello Road
Circus Confetti Cool Breeze Glitter On Me
That’s What I Mint Vintage District – Vintage Peach
Madly Purpled Grunge Me Tender Be Flowerful
Wanna Be Your Sunshine 3D: Glorius Aquarius 3D: Only Purple Matters
Pink & Proud Metal Glam: Steel-ing The Scene Crazy Fancy Love
Wanna Say Hello Break Through Not Punky Nor Funky
Ice, Ice, Baby Always In My Mint Icylicious
Ben & Cherries
Sparkle Sand Effect – Here’s My Number Superheroes – 04 Super, Man! Superheroes – 03 Power Girl
Superheroes – 01 Fantastic Girl Superheroes – 02 The Incredible Superheroes – 06 The Awesome
Superheroes – 05 Wonder Wow! Man! Metal Glam – 01 steel-ing the scene Metal Glam – 02 petal to the metal
Metal Glam – 03 glamour girls Metal Glam – 01 steel-ing the scene – topcoat Wanna Be Your Sunshine


lila met goud


Topless & Barefoot Coat Azure Nice is Nice
French Affair School of Hard Rocks Miss Matched
Eternal Optimist No Pre-Nup Van D’Go
Armed & Ready Mink Muffs Lovie Dovie
Au Naturel Sexy Divide Chinchilly
Watermelon Turquoise & Caicos Merino Cool
Neo Whimsical Sew Psyched Tart Deco
In Stitches Pop Art Pink
Essie Jag-U-Are Essie Fiji
Leading Lady Where’s My Chauffeur? Canyon Coral
Leading Lady

Estée Lauder

Bête Noir


003 White


219 Sugar Rose 502 Grapefruit Pink


Tea Rose Polish Nude Polish



Finger Paints

Coral Complement Primary Color Rose Patina


M15 M09 M19
M05 BD05
Freak Show Polish
Tighrope Tutu



Gabriele Salvete

132 (oranje/goud) 141 (paars/goud) 144 (babyblauw)

GG Couture Nail Lacquer


Golden Rose

107 111 113
119 120
103 105 106
107 108 109
110 111 112
113 116 117
118 119 120
121 122 123
Impressions: 03 Impressions: 07 Impressions: 10
Impressions: 12 Impressions: 16 Impressions: 17
Holiday: 51 Holiday: 56 Holiday: 57
Holiday: 58 Holiday: 60 Holiday: 61
Holiday: 63 Holiday: 67


Miss Minty Holographic Purple Heart
Chocoholic Groovy Grey Holographic Hero


Soaked in Purple Pink Skies Pink City
Peach Me Now Bronze

Hits Speciallita

Mari Moon – Unconventional Mari Moon – Dreamer No Olimpo – Hermes
Cutie Pie


12 Licht Roze 07 pink 202 Rood
Holographic Green 51 Holographic Copper 52 Holographic Blue 53
Holographic Pink 54 Holographic Purple 55 Holographic Bordeaux 56
Chameleon Purple 64 Chameleon Beige 61 Glitter Blue 73


Nice Chicago Tanger
Rabat Essaouira Kingston
Samara St. Petersburg Perm
Yekaterineb Volgograd Kazan
Malmo Stockholm Orebro
Uppsala Helsinborg Gothenburg
Nemuro Nagoya Sapporo
Shizuoka Yokohama Kyoto


Faux Pas Kink Viridian
Speckle Purity Lament
Poke Muse Scorn
Jo’mina Scorch Load


278 Sugar Mat – 455 – Light Taupe Sugar Mat – 456 – Teal Green
Sugar Mat – 458 – Antracite Sugar Mat – 451 – Apricot Sugar Mat – 452 – Watermelon
Sugar Mat – 453 – Cherry Red


Chunky Holo Fuchsia Chunky Holo Black Chunky Holo Poppy
Holo Pink Metallic Purple Chunky Holo Candy
Midnight Seduction Chunky Holo Purple Chunky Holo Scarlett
Diamond Purple


106 Bronz

L.A. Colours

Fun in the Sun

La Femme Beauty

xx Ultra Pink 32 Silver 56 Chocolate
114 Pearly Pink 130 Ultra Orange 135 Ultra Gold
Crackle (cranberry)


104 Red 153 Bronze


Admirável Fascinante Emocionante

M.A.C. Cosmetics

Ice Cream Cake


135 Nude Rose 220 Mellow Mauve


DNC 1 Riviera Red DNC 3 Coral Red DNC 4 Rose Red
DNC 6 Peach DNC 7 Soft Pink DNC 9 Black
DNC 10 Purple DNC 11 Pink DNC 12 Pearl
DNC 14 Light Purple DNC 15 Paris Pink DNC 16 Diamond Sky
DNC 16 Purple Glitter DNC 17 Blue Pearl DNC 22 French Pink
DNC 24 Pink Passion DNC 33 Plum DNC 36 Silver
DNC 37 Gold DNC 57 White DNC 66 Gun Metal
DNC 77 Natural DNC 85 True Blue DNC 86 L.A. Blue
DNC 87 Nude DNC 89 Moulin Rouge DNC 91 Pink Diamonds
DNC 92 Earth DNC 102 Rouge DNC 104 Real Nude
DNC 107 Purple
Pink Crackle Turkooise Crackle
White Crackle Purple Crackle
MAX Magnetic Teal 30 MAX Magnetic Blue 23
Max Factor
Fantasy Fire Silver Glam Green


Color Show Brocades – Beaming Blue Color Show Brocades – Rosy Rosettes Super Stay 7 Days – Aquadaze


166 Khaki Vintage


Be My Lover Peachy Keen Pop The Clutch
Lather, Rinse and Repeat Hot People Like You Fatal Affair
Pink Bling On My Ring Dirty, Sexy, Money Baby, I Love You
Shields Up Phasers on Stun

Models Own

Purple Blue Pinky Brown

Nfu Oh

38 39 49
50 53 54
55 59 63
64 65 66

Nicole By OPI

Disco Dolls Me + Blue


Brilliant Orchid Pink Veil
Baby Sprout Satin Silk Burnt Rose
Pink Shimmer Silky Pink Cream Delight
Flamming Veil Pink Elegance


111 Fuchsia Shock Make Me Blush


Route Beer Float Pink-ing of You It’s My Year
Last Friday Night The One That Got Away Color To Diner For
I Eat Maine-Ly Lobster My Adress Is Hollywood Brisbane Bronze
Excuse Moi Thanks A Windmillion My Private Jet
Stay The Night A Butterfly Moment Pink Yet Lavender
NOPI Me + Blue NOPI Disco Disco
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Live And Let Die
Can’t Find My Czechbook Malaga Wine
Tiffany Case You Don’t Know Jacques Pink-ing Of You
Wonderous Star Muir Muir On The Wall Shatter the Scales


Cotton Candy Pure Porcelain Rock This World
Rococo A Go Go Rock It Gorgeous
It’s Not Rocket Science


Nude Charming Secret Passion
Sand Style – Confidential Sand Style – Adorable Sand Style – Seductive
Sand Style – Illegal Sand Style – Lovesome Sand Style – Strict
Lost In Paradise So Cool Bloggers Choice
Happy bride Free To Be Up In The Air
Before Sunrise Go Crazy! Classy
Pretty Lovely Opulent

Paris Memories

204 Wit 206 Pink Stars 230 Paars
257 Licht Roze 260 Lila 287 Cherry


Sweet Peaches




001 sapphire moon

Rival de Loop

Paars Lichtgeel

Roger Garé

#01 Champagne #02 Gold Peach #03 Gold and Bronze




Metallic Pink

Sally Hansen

270 Lacey Lilac 320 Fuchsia Power 20 Pretty Petunia
Pink At Him Purple Heart Golden Rule
Firey Island Pennies For Heaven Greige
Fuzz-Sea Tweedy Peach Fuzz
Wool Lite


180 rood

Sinful Colors

Easy Going


Suede Glitter #15 Cupcake Glitter

The Colour Workshop

NBMA11036 NBOA10021 NBOA11044 oudroze
NBLA11027 NBPA11037 Duochrome


CC150 Golden Bronze CC152 Petrol Blue

Wet ‘n’ Wild

E71410 E71508 E71534
E71527 426 Fosted Fuchsia 437 Blazed
464 Rain Check 465 Wild Card

Wild and More

8 Sparkly White

Yes Love

Confetti D2 Confetti D6 Shiny Glitter 43
Shiny Glitter 31 Suede W03 19



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