Hilary Duff With Love

Every since ‘So Yesterday’ I’ve been a fan of Hilary Duff. She’s only two years older than me and she’s a real role model. Not drunk in public, no nakedness, no crazy behavior. She makes awesome music and nice films. She has a clothing line and has been a face for Candies. She recently became an author and has also released two fragrances; Hilary Duff, With Love and Wrapped With Love.

the poster

The discription:
The fragrance begins with a sparkling top of sultry, succulent mangosteen fruit, inventing you in. An exotic blend of spices hints at the warmth that begins to unfold.

Inner Glow
The heart of the fragrance adds a tropical mangosteen blossom to make a luminous scent, welcoming you. Cocobolo wood, an exotic wood prized for its rare beauty, adds texture and warmth

The seductive base of deep amber milk and sultry amber musk captures you, leaving a lingering trail of dramatic signature.

About the fragrance:
Top notes: spices, mangosteen fruit
Middle notes: mango flower, cocobolo wood
Base notes: amber, musk

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My dad got me (and my best friend) a box with a bottle of parfume Hilary Duff With Love and a bodylotion which smells exactly the same.

I have no idea what cocobolo wood is or how it smels, the same for the mangosteen, but the parfume smells wonderful. Oriental wood and spices does really discribe it. It’s a new scent to me and I really love it. It kinda does make me feels special, because very little people in the Netherlands own this parfume. The best thing about it is, that is a bottle of 100ml (3,3 oz) and it cost me 16 euro’s.


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